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Penn Tour

Penn Tour tennis balls are high performance tennis balls,
used in 4 out of the 5 largest tournaments in North America.
These premium tennis balls are covered with Penn’s
exclusive LongPlay® felt for extended wear, and feature
our Smart Optik® high visibility felt treatment which
makes it 19% more visible than a standard tennis ball.

Penn’s premium line of balls are the most
technologically advanced tennis balls in the
world, providing players with optimum core and
felt technologies for the optimum balance of
consistency, longevity, and overall playability.

Available in both a 3-ball can (extra-duty, regular-
duty, and XD high altitude) and a 4-ball can
(extra-duty and regular-duty).

Smart Optik® felt is 19% more visible than a
standard tennis ball. A ball you can see better
is a ball you can hit better. USTA and
ITF approved